I’ve often wondered if there’s a common thread writers share. Are we all avid readers? Or, are we just expressive by nature? Do we have a sense of curiosity or wanderlust? Is there an artsy quality inherent in our genetic makeup?

Do you need a special place to write? Somewhere that takes you away – like the old Calgon bath soap ads? Many writers say they have to go to their quiet place to be productive. They need complete undisturbed silence. Some even say they do their best work in water.

I haven’t used a special place to write yet, but I can imagine it. Maybe all we need is a good imagine anyway. I would be in a lush, tropical paradise with birds singing in the background. That’s the birdwatcher in me, yet I wouldn’t want to become overly distracted by their glorious singing. Knowing myself, I would run into the house, grab my binoculars and look for the bird. Unfortunately I am easily distracted. Maybe being in my office in front of the desktop computer is the only way I can be productive, for now. I give a huge thumbs up to those dedicated individuals that can power away the words all day long. They are on a book a month mission that I hope to reach sometime soon.

Do you have a special place for writing only? Is there somewhere that gives you the inspiration to let your creative juices flow? Maybe when I hit ten published books, I can take a breath, go outside and enjoy the birds singing as I sit on my patio and write. I’ll allow some distractions now and then. Who knows, when I have twenty published books I may be in that tropical paradise beginning a new series of books and sipping on a raspberry Mojito.

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