the-battery-charlestonMost people find that by taking a vacation their mind and body has been recharged. They feel better, the stress has been reduced, and generally speaking, they’re happier. There’s nothing to worry about, for now. They’ve earned this week or two to unwind and give themselves permission to put the daily grind called “work” and “responsibility” on the back burner for now. We get a free pass! We can sleep in late and indulge in as much and whatever types of food we like. We can play and be completely irresponsible (to a point)!
I just returned from a wonderful week long vacation on Hilton Head Island in South Carolina. Funny how you go into vacation mode a few days before you even leave your house. I was way overdue since here in my home state of Wisconsin, we had one of the most brutal winters ever. Even still, in what normally is considered “Spring” I’m finding myself bundled up in my winter coat to walk my dog every morning! Just the thought of going somewhere warm, lush and relaxing almost has me salivating from the thought of wearing shorts and a tee shirt!
I was not disappointed! The week was wonderful. We played in the ocean and watched bottle nose dolphins swim by. We walked the beaches as pelicans and terns dove head first into the surf hoping to come up with a prized treat to gulp down. We rode bicycles all over the island and picked random places to stop for a bite to eat and a refreshing drink. No stress, no responsibility! It was heaven!
We toured the beautiful and historic town of Beaufort and the queen of queens, Charleston, South Carolina. We spent a day touring the majestic, park and ghost filled city of Savannah, Georgia in a trolley car. It was sheer bliss. It was hot, but I loved every morning I spent slathering sunblock and tanning lotion all over my newly exposed skin.
The week ended and I was sad to return home to the bleak, gray skies. I have been enjoying the 500 plus, pictures I took while gone. Am I refreshed? Sure I am. I’m back at my computer working on my next book. Could my journey lead to a new location for an upcoming story? You bet it can!
I love vacations! They inspire me to come up with new ideas, characters and locations for story lines. My ultimate goal would be to live in a small town, filled with history and genteel people. The characters and stories could come alive from real people I encounter daily. There’s always a story out there, a new book waiting to be written.
Watch people, listen to their stories and enjoy the moment. Indulge yourself with awareness. Give yourself permission to sit back, relax, and grab a tall cool, drink while they talk. Take time to unwind. Allow yourself to feel like you’re on a mini-vacation whenever you can.

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