Insecurity and a Bottle of Merlot: (Like Sisters Series Book 2)


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Insecurity and a Bottle of Merlot

Victoria Alonso, or “Vic” for short, was the funniest, most confident and loyal Puerto Rican babe in Westchester County. That was her public persona, anyway, and everyone loved her.

Mia James, Vic’s best friend since kindergarten, was a beautiful blond bombshell. No problem there until the day Mia introduced Vic to Max Cole. He sat on that Harley, looking hotter than any living, breathing man had a right to, with a dimpled grin and windswept wild-child hair. Vic wasn’t in the market for a man, but there he sat anyway. He was delicious eye candy and made her legs wobble like lime Jell-O. Vic fell for him hard, but couldn’t ignore the fact that Mia had had a brief but tempestuous affair with Max.

Vic hid her insecurities well under her tough-girl façade. Her hair was frizzy, and her butt was too big—she knew that competing with the gorgeous, perfect Mia would be next to impossible. Through heartache, crazy antics, laughter, and Merlot, Vic searched for her own truth. Letting go of her insecurities would show her how to love Max, Mia, and even herself.


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