Screen-Shot-2013-01-02-at-12.43.46  Why are writers considered “different” than most people with an occupation? That query has had me baffled for some time. It’s either one of two things… or sometimes both.
#1– If you write from home, you aren’t actually considered as someone who is “working.” My phone rings constantly at any hour throughout the day. I answer (which I shouldn’t  because that means I’m allowing interruptions in my work schedule). The person on the other end says “What are you doing?”
Really? Do I have to explain every time I answer the telephone that I’m writing? My explanation goes unnoticed as the person on the other end continues talking about everything under the sun.
My conclusion. Writing = unemployed and doing nothing in other people’s eyes.

#2 – You are fair game for anybody (even people you don’t know well) to ask you how much money you earn, or (with a chuckle) if you’ve had any success. Now I don’t know about most people, but I’ve never casually asked someone if they are successful at their job and how much money they make. Hence, back to the first point, we aren’t really working.
My conclusion. Writing = I’m fair game for anybody to ask me about my personal income and success.

Until I become a household name and famous for my published works, I guess this is what most indie authors go through. For now, I’ll put my phone on “silent” during my working hours and when people ask my income, I’ll smile and say, “I earn enough, how about you?”

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